Collective Intelligence + Innovation Design

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David Hockney, the famous British artist, is an innovator. 

His collage work, first created in the 70s-80s, was born out of his unique adaptation of film shooting, picture arrangement, and innovative processes.   Thirty plus years later, his methodology and images remain relevant today.

Is your innovation process relevant today?  In other words, is your innovation process keeping your business relevant to your customers?  If the answer is not a resounding yes, read on. 

Optimity has embarked on a 50-day journey to speak with 50+ innovation leaders and validate one, simple thesis

What is the value proposition to organizations if you combine two emerging technologies within a rapidly changing world:

Collective Intelligence + Innovative Design.


We are calling this journey "Project CIID" - a new approach to strategic thinking, innovation and rapid model development.  Following is a snippet from innovator and futurist, rod Collins' research:

"The digital revolution is dramatically transforming the context of business strategy for 21st century organizations.  In a rapidly changing world, traditional competitive intelligence methods focused on building a sustainable competitive advantage are counterproductive now that disruptive innovation has become a common occurence.  

The fundamental task of strategy is no longer about collating all the known industry knowledge to guide the formation of fixed business plans. The essential work of strategy in a world where change is both constant and accelerating is about the discovery of new knowledge and the creation of game-changing products and services.

The digital revolution is also generating new tools for accessing collective intelligence that were not possible a mere decade ago. High performance analytics and innovative social technologies that can rapidly aggregate and leverage collective intelligence are revolutionizing the ways businesses create competitive advantage. A sophisticated collective intelligence capacity is the new context for designing strategy in a business world where innovation has suddenly become a core competency for business growth."

The entire document is available for download by clicking the orange box below.  

We will learn a great deal from our dialogue - collectively - with you, and will share our findings in this blog series, so check back.