The Healthcare and Life Sciences industries have experienced dramatic changes in recent years: escalating healthcare costs, expectations to improve health outcomes and disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things and 3D printing. In this dynamic and highly regulated environment pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must position themselves in the market and set plans for successful development. Optimity Advisors, working in an agile way, can accelerate innovation and market knowledge and navigate our clients towards clinical and commercial success.

Our unique service offering combines comprehensive Corporate Transformation solutions and Product Strategy services in an agile and competitive framework. All components of our support are co-created with our clients and are underpinned by our regional and global market expertise.



Life Cycle Management

  • Through our understanding of the policy landscape, health systems, health economics, information management, data analytics and data visualisation, Optimity can support companies at the development, launch and established products stages

Product Launch Advisory

  • Provide market share assessments and analysis of competitor products
  • Develop product positioning, pricing, and contracting strategy for Payers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Support navigation and understanding of managed care landscape and formulary positioning
  • Assist with clinical and educational outreach

Policy Analysis & Strategy

  • Utilising our international healthcare public policy experience to inform & advise our clients 
  • Examine the policy environment in a given market and geography from a competitive standpoint
  • Support with strategic decisions around market approach drawing from our understanding of healthcare systems, leading actors and institutions, policy developments and payers and reimbursement systems.

Market Navigation: Route to Market Plan

  • Provide policy analysis and strategy and recommendations on routes to market 
  • Support companies with evidence submissions
  • Provide advice on market positioning and pricing strategies
  • Provide advice on further data collection 

Value Proposition Development

  • Quantify the economic potential of new technologies
  • Demonstrate value from the perspective of payers, providers & patients
  • Influencing multiple decision makers to accelerate & optimise uptake

Value Based Pricing & Risk Sharing

  • Provide policy and competitive market analysis as well as detailed pricing analysis and economic modelling to support the successful set up of a new pricing mechanism
  • Define appropriate outcome metrics to be linked to payments
  • Design agreements and monitor their performance in practice by appropriate data collection 

Tendering/Procurement Support

  • Understanding of procurement system in multiple geographies
  • Navigation through effective routes
  • Experience in value-based tendering and submission support



Operational Transformation

Optimity helps you understand the changes necessary to conduct business in changing market environments and identify internal capabilities and opportunities. By bringing forward our global and local experience, we guide our clients through holistic change management programmes and help them deliver a profitable, sustainable and scalable operating model. 

Operational Transformation

Digital Transformation

Leveraging intellectual property, digital assets and information has the power to transform business. Organisations across sectors can automate processes, increase efficiency and reduce waste, mitigate business risk and accelerate innovation and collaborative thinking. Developing robust and agile roadmaps for delivering ROI is critical in Life Sciences.  

Digital Transformation

Strategic Transformation

Life Science companies must adopt their internal processes, systems and organisational thinking to keep up and drive today’s disruptive innovations. Optimity can support you with achieving sustainable growth through innovative long-term transformation strategies for market engagement, product lifecycle management and innovation planning.

Strategy Transformation