As businesses attempt to create intelligent operations and new business ventures, re-architecting and reorganizing data and digital assets through Information Management best practices provides a critical foundation.

Enterprises across all industries increasingly rely on digital information to drive market penetration and profitable growth within an omni-channel marketing experience and through intelligent (data-driven and data informed) operations. Optimity’s Information Management services use proven and effective principles to increase the competitive advantage of how information is identified, described, organized, secured and leveraged to maximize profit and sustainability.

We help our clients maximize data practices and technologies though innovative design and proactive management to reach and exceed business goals. Our IM experts have worked with clients across the Media and Entertainment, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Food and Beverage, Fashion, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Insurance, Justice, and Financial Services industries to achieve successful transformation of information practices. 

Whether the challenge is identification, organization, access, security, data distribution or integration, information or knowledge, we deliver strategy, analysis, project management, IT support and change management across our service offerings.


Data Quality Optimization

Establish a baseline for data quality, visual means of monitoring change, and valuing improvement initiatives and investments

Metadata & Taxonomy

Bring value to data and content by establishing the structure needed to make it discoverable

Content Management Strategy

Increase operational velocity and deliver digital content scaled across an omni-channel marketing experience

Governance, Rights & Data Security

Build governance and security structures that establish the strategic leadership and protection to create collaborative, secure connections between internal and external parties

Data & Technology Architecture

Institute data & digital asset management infrastructure standards and change management tools to harden adherence to governance processes

Data Visualization

Communicate the impact of your data through easy, intuitive mechanisms for extracting insights and deriving meaning

Economics & Analytics

Drive intelligent operations with sound analysis including economic, market and predictive, coupled with business metrics design, IP creation and machine learning / AI