Geopolitical events, disruptive technologies and regulatory reforms continue to impact the global financial markets. Financial institutions require an adaptable operating model and scalable infrastructure to maintain the agility necessary to effectively compete in an era of rapid change and uncertainty. 

Optimity partners with banks and asset managers around the globe to assess their challenges, identify opportunities for change, design pragmatic strategies and implement innovative solutions that bring sustainable ROI.

Our team of seasoned practitioners can help you:

  • Design, implement and execute strategic solutions that demonstrate Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Support Compliance, Finance and Risk in meeting evolving regulatory requirements
  • Implement strategies and solutions to meet requirements for trade surveillance, regulatory reporting and trade and transaction reporting
  • Develop and execute remediation plans and ensure timeliness, accuracy and completeness to meet new and existing regulatory requirements
  • Create an agile and scalable infrastructure that can quickly adapt to change and allow proactive expansion into new markets
  • Transition from an application-centric to a data-centric enterprise for smarter decision making and better customer experiences
  • Leverage shared services models in order to streamline operations, improve data quality, increase agility and achieve cost savings
  • Gain insight into firm’s big data by leveraging statistical models, AI, Robotics Process Automation and Predictive Analytics
  • Develop comprehensive metadata strategies, design data quality assurance and data governance programs to protect key data assets
  • Evaluate disruptive technologies such as Blockchain or Cloud Computing to provide thought leadership in piloting use-cases to enable faster decision making

Our breadth and depth of experience in the financial services industry makes us uniquely qualified to recommend and implement these innovative solutions.


Strategy & Transformation

  • Buy vs. Build
  • Shared Services Model
  • Operating Model Design
  • ROI Analysis & Business Case Development

Regulatory Compliance

  • Rule Impact Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Regulatory Reporting Change Management
  • Risk Management & Reporting
  • Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) 
  • Liquidity Reporting
  • FRB Reporting Expertise (e.g. FRY 14A, FRY 14Q, 2052a/b, etc.)
  • Trade and Transaction Reporting (e.g. TRACE, MSRB, OATS, EBS, etc.)

Enterprise Data Management

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Infrastructure



  • Cloud Strategy
  • Fintech Integration
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Disruptive Technology Evaluation & Pilot